Tracks and Remixs

Past and Present

“Drifting Sky” – Atom ONE – 2005

I was really pushing this track to get pressed or picked up by a record label after completing it. This is one of my best and all time favorites that i created in 2005 of Liquid Drum and Bass.

“One Nation Under Bass” – Atom ONE – 2004

This track almost made it to the Vinyl pressing plant. This would have been pressed NE Recording 002. But regretfully instead i chose to press Winds of Change. This would have been a great track to put on there.

“Dark Fog” – Atom ONE – 2005

A Drum and bass track i did in 2005 that was aiming more towards a traditional Amen sound. Named it dark fog because i imagined the intro taking place on a dark errie ocean shore with a boats fog horn in the distance. I never did get to completely finish this track.

“First Encounter” – Atom ONE – 2005

In 2004, i was experimenting with producing many different styles of music besides what i was mainly DJing and making, which was Drum and Bass. This is another Downtempo track that i created that made it’s way to one of my DJ mIxes on “Local Devistation”

“Safari Hunt” – Atom ONE – 2005

This was one of the last few Drum and bass tracks that i made before i slowly took my hiatus of only DJing and not producing tracks. Let me know what you think

“Something Fresh” – Atom ONE – 2004 – NER 003 Vinyl

This was the last track that i had gotten pressed on a vinyl record (back when DJs used turntables and collected vinyl records instead of MP3s) This track was featured along with Producer: Bass Kontrolz drum and bass track entitled, “Blow Job”

“Donnys Darko” – Atom ONE – 2004

For this track i took on big inspiration from one of the main theme songs from the movie Donny Darko. I mainly created this so i could drop it into my DJ sets since everybody knows the anthem. here is what i came up with .

“Winds Of Change” – Atom ONE – 2004 – NER 002 Vinyl

Winds Of Change is a Drum and bass track that was pressed to vinyl and sold in stores under the NE Recordings 002 plate.

Underworld’s – Born Slippy – Atom O.N.E. Remix

A Breakbeat remix of Underworld’s Born slippy Made in 2005. It continues on at the end for 4 mins to make it DJ friendly.

“Darkspots” -by Haxon – AtomONE remix – 2002

This is a Drum & Bass remix of a produced track from Hax aka Haxon from modesto that i made in 2002. It was never officially released

“Big Bass Hip Hope” – Atom ONE – 2003

During 2003, a few friends of mine asked me to make some hip hop beats so they can rap over them. This was one of the projects.

“The Storm” (Atom ONE Remix) – Atom ONE – 2005

This is a drum and bass track i made for a remix contest. They provided all the drum loops and samples and you were free to add or not use any of the sounds. This is what i created and submitted.

“Jazzy Tune” – Atom ONE – 2004

This is a Drum and Bass track that i made in 2004. i was aiming for that liquid funk feel with an Atom ONE twist. This is what was created.

“Gangsta” – Atom ONE – 2002

This was a Drum and bass track that i made in 2002 using a sample from one of my favorite movies of all time, “Goodfellas” Mainly i was focusing on the intro and trying to capture a movie feel.

“Mechanoids” (extended breakdown) – Atom ONE – 2002

This was one of the first DnB tunes that i really felt good about. Later after finishing it i made two versions, the original, and an extended break down that goes into some half step/ downtempo that i have used sometimes to transition through my DJ sets.

“Network progressions” – Atom ONE- 2004

This is a downtempo track i made in 2004 Its pretty simplistic and doesnt have too many change ups.

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